1 SAMUEL 7:12 “…hitherto hath the Lord helped us.” 

Ebenezer Groceries is a discount grocery store located in Ephrata PA, in the heart of Lancaster County.  We thank our heavenly Father for meeting our needs and commit ourselves to meeting our customer’s needs to the best of our ability. Whether your needs include organic, gluten-free, or regular groceries we invite you to come take a look at our products.

Our goal is to live by the Golden Rule and provide a vital service to our community. If you feel we have not lived up to that commitment, we invite you to kindly let us know. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will do our best to always provide excellent service. We count our customers as friends and thank you for your patronage! 

The Truth About Expiration Dates

If you’re looking for information about expiration dates on foods, check out these links to various news articles and studies. If you have any questions, call us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your inquiries.

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