Welcome to Ebenezer Groceries

Ebenezer Groceries is more than just a discount grocery store. We carry a large selection of organic, vegan, and gluten-free food as well as many other groceries and bulk food items. We also have great prices on fresh beef, poultry, pork, and a variety of lunch meats and cheese. Come check our prices, you’ll be happy to see good quality products don’t have to cost a fortune!

We also carry fresh dairy products. Raw milk from local farms is one of our highlights!

Ebenezer Groceries recently changed ownership. We invite you to come to 465 North Reading Road in Ephrata. Shopping for groceries should be a stress free, enjoyable experience. Come browse our products and interact with our helpful staff. We would love to make you our next new customer!

Organic foods are increasingly popular to many people. Try our products to see why! We do our best to stock various organic groceries just for you.

Looking for gluten-free food but tired of high prices? Look no further! Whether you use gluten-free because of allergies or simply want to eat healthier here is your source.

Nothing tastes better than a flavorful steak! Or maybe a tender chicken dish is on your menu. Feeling like a ham? Our meat-cutters can help meet your need.

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