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Fresh Deli

Ham, bologna, turkey, you name it and we have it. Our deli department specializes in all types and brands of meats and deli cheeses and are happy to lend our opinions when you’re looking for something different. At Ebenezer's Grocery, we sell cuts of meat that are bursting with flavor and healthy for your family, and our products are sliced fresh upon ordering. We also sell cheese that is sliced and sold by the log. Please contact our staff with any special requests or questions, and we'll be happy to accommodate you! If you're looking for a full deli department at a discount grocery store, look no further than Ebenezer's Grocery. With questions or concerns, give us a call at (717) 738-1107 or visit our Contact Us page to contact us by email.

  • Hams

    At Ebenezer's Grocery, we provide our customers with tender cuts of ham for your family meals.

  • Beef

    Come to our discount grocery store to get delicious cuts of beef for your deli meat needs.

  • Cheeses

    Ebenezer's Grocery slices cheese upon ordering and sells by the log. Visit us today!

  • Chicken

    If you're looking for chicken for dinner or your sandwiches, come to the deli at Ebenezer's Grocery. We have many varieties from which to choose.

  • Bologna & Misc.

    When you want bologna or miscellaneous meats for those sandwiches, look no further than the delectable selection at Ebenezer Grocery!

  • Turkey

    The deli at Ebenezer's Grocery in Ephrata PA stocks cold cuts of turkey breast to meet all your needs - sandwiches, platters, you name it, we have it.